Lockdown lifted (nearly) and bookings are up!

We are so happy to start the week with both a new look website and the great news that horse sport can start again. Did you know that introducing a water treadmill to your horse’s exercise and training regime can significantly improve both their cardio and strength. But you need to be sensible and introduce it slowly to see the benefits! You wouldn’t expect a human to run a 5k if they only jog around the block, the same for horse. It takes a lot of effort to walk through even the smallest amount of water, so we make sure that each horse has a plan and stick to it. Give us. call and book in a course of water treadmills and we can assure you that you will see a marked level of fitness after a few weeks. And it’s not just for event horses, the top level dressage horses are also the perfect candidates for this great fitness boost.

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