What is an Equine Salt Water Hydrotherapy Spa?

Simply put, it’s the sea in a Box! 

The Equine Salt Water Hydrotherapy Spa is based on the therapeutic use of cold sea water.  It is widely acknowledged that cold sea water has a positive anti-inflammatory effect on tissues which is thought to aid healing and help to protect against injury.


  • Tendon injuries

  • Ligament damage

  • Sore shins

  • Degenerative joint diseases

  • Fractures and splints

  • Concussion

  • Infection of the legs

  • Post-operative complications

  • Wounds and cuts

  • Poor Hoof Growth

  • Soft tissue damage

  • Bowed tendons

  • Tendonitis

  • Windgalls

  • Bog spavins

  • General stiffness and soreness

  • Post competition strain

  • Laminitis


There are several factors involved...

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The Spa water is chilled between 35 °F and 37 °F (2 °C and 4 °C) to reduce heat and inflammation. At this temperature, analgesic pain management is provided, and scientists think that enzyme degeneration of tendons post injury is inhibited.



This has a massaging effect on the leg, and is thought to increase the dissolved oxygen content of the spa solution.


The water depth of the spa is adjustable dependent upon the position of injury.  In essence the deeper the water the more compression.

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The salt in sea water is thought to act as a hypertonic poultice, reducing heat while having a natural healing effect on wounds. 

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Temperature and chemical levels combine to eliminate the transfer of microbiological infection.



As water temperature decreases, it's ability to carry oxygen increases. Increased oxygenation through the introduction of aeration is believed to enhance natural defence systems, much like the use of a hyperbaric chamber for humans.


Do I need Veterinary referral for my horse or pony to come to you?

If we are treating a current injury or a chronic condition, your horse will need veterinary referral. 

If your horse/pony is using the spa before/after competition as a preventative measure or for maintenance no referral is needed, but if your horse or pony has any underlying conditions such as arthritis or is on any form of medication you will need to let us know prior to your visit in case we need to check anything with your vet.

Is Equine Salt Water Hydrotherapy covered by insurance?

Yes! Equine Salt Water Hydrotherapy is a widely recognised treatment for lower limb injuries and most insurance companies will cover treatment. Please contact your insurance company to talk about their specifications for treatment.

How many sessions will my horse/pony need?

For resident patients the number of treatments will be determined by the severity and site of the injury we are treating. Every horse differs, and we work closely with your Veterinary Surgeon to make sure yours is getting the best out of their stay here.  Maintenance treatments are often used after heavy competition or fast work, and many riders will bring their horse direct from competing to us.  Please contact us to discuss individual cases.

How do horses respond to being in the Spa?Obviously each horse is different, but in the main horses are very calm during treatment and even drift off into a snooze!  We take the health and safety of our staff very seriously, so in rare cases where we are treating severely distressed horses, or horses we have been told may be exceptionally difficult we will ask a vet to be on standby for the first session.  We ask that day patients provide a well fitting snaffle bridle or chifney for the first few sessions.

How do I contact you to talk about using the spa or to book?

Go to our Contact page and send us a message, give us a call on 01363 772088 or contact us on social media!